Safari Extension

I have developed a Safari 6 extension in order to search (e.g. MD5 hash or keywords). All the details and download links can be found here: For any comments or bug report contact me on Twitter – @sganiere Thanks!

Honeypot Results

You can found the latest honeypot results at the following URL: (or use the above link in the menu). This page is updated on a daily basis with the latest stats from the honeypot. You will found the stats for the last 30 days for…

[Update] Honeypot results June 2012

Here are the latest graphs of my honeypot. Overall “normal traffic”, at the exception of several attempts to download a file named “h.exe” from a particular IP address. However it seems that this host has been cleaned in the meantime as all attempts results in…

[FR] Installer Wireshark sous Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6

Wireshark ? Qu’est-ce que c’est ? Voici, une liste non exhaustive des fonctionnalités de base de ce logiciel: support de plusieurs protocoles (une centaine au total) capture du trafic en mode on/off line fenêtre de visualisation à trois volets fonctionne sur plusieurs systèmes d’exploitation: Windows,…

Flame – Cyberwar in action?

The Flame virus has gone public during the last few days of May 2012. This discovery has been made two years after Stuxnet (June 2010) and less than a year after Duqu (Sept. 2011). Despite the fact that those three virus have different objectives, they have in common their complexity and the fact that they have been probably developed by people with “unlimited” resources. So where are we now? Is this cyberwar? or this is the natural evolution of cyber criminal?